Bert Brand's WFS 50/90 Anniversary Celebration

This anniversary celebration was arranged by Bert and Gill Brand, two long term leaders of the WFS, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Warwickshire Fungus Survey. This celebration also marked Bert's 90th Birthday. (The original meeting in 1965, when the WFS. was formed was on Bert's 40th Birthday).

As in 2005 the venue was the Blue Boar Inn near Temple Grafton and the foray which preceded it was in Oversley Wood.

The lighting and the placing of the tables in the Blue Boar made photography difficult but the mirror photo shows Bert with Ted, who was one of the original members and in at the founding of the Survey, but moved away from the area some decades ago. The photo also manages to catch one or two other members through the mirror. The two top photos are of Bert and Gill with gifts presented to them.


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